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From Hobby to Business
Paul Bodger founded Stackwell Forge in 1990. In his early years he was a member of the The Queens Household Division riding horseback on many ceremonial parades, which led to his initial interest in Forgework and Blacksmithing. Paul left the MOD to pursue a career as a Farrier and Blacksmith to which he spent some considerable time as an apprentice. Further more he spent time equating himself with Historical Ironwork & Business Studies.

Although Paul is a registered Farrier he rarely trims a horse, instead he's more likely to be seen in the workshop or office offering advice or demonstrating the manual forgework skills, he expects of others. If need be he will oversee a project from start to finish, manually and via management.

Today Paul and his team of Blacksmiths, selected because of their varying skills have created a thriving enterprise working nationally within the UK and exporting abroad.

Reproduction/Restoration & Modern Work
Paul and his team undertake both reproduction/restoration and modern work, and are very happy to forge, cast or fabricate in any material for commercial or domestic use.

When undertaking restoration and reproduction work, a number of joining methods can be used. If modern welding techniques are not required, metal can be joined, for example, using anvil and hammer, rivets or metal collars. If no welding techniques are acceptable, welds can be ‘hidden’.

Range of Products
The range of products is impressive and includes, for example:
- estate and town gates (manual and automatic)
- balustrades and handrails
- lamp standards and fittings
- architectural features for interior/exterior use or display.

Survey & Design
To back-up what can be manufactured at Stackwell Forge, Paul and his team can survey and design to suit most styles, tastes and moods.

The business has a good library of traditional ironwork patterns, for anyone wanting to reproduce a particular period.

Metal & Imagination
Metal: steel, iron and non-ferrous material is hard, solid and of great strength. In its natural form this may be true, but with heat, pressure and imagination these raw materials can be shaped to invoke a particular historic period, as well as create all sorts of moods and feelings.

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