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Blacksmiths open the gate to biggest order

A SMALL blacksmiths based in the Fens has completed one of its most unusual orders - making two huge gates destined for what is believed to be a stately home in America.

Stackwell Forge, based at Murrow near Wisbech, started work on the gates in September and they are expected to be in use in the next few weeks.

Company boss Paul Bodger, who employs two people and founded the firm seven years ago after working as a farrier, said: "This is definitely our single biggest order. I can't say how much the gates are worth, but you could buy a house with the money."

"We haven't been told much about their destination but we believe they're being made for a Brazilian man in America who owns a lot of land.

"The gates are huge and there's two tonnes of steel gone into making them. we're not sure how the architects firm knew about us, but we think there may be a landscape gardener working out there who knew about our previous work making two gates for a home in Amersham, Buckinghamshire. He have recommended us. 

"The gates are now destined for Birmingham where there will be coated in real bronze. Once all decorative pieces have been added on, each gate will stand 22 ft high and will weigh almost a ton. 

Once completed, they will be shipped over to the US in large containers.

Mr Bodger said: "We have made large gates before and for our work we mainly use steel or wrought - iron. It was a big job making these gates. We started work on these about six months ago and it's been hard work. Hopefully, they'll invite me over there so I can see them finally put up."

Article from : BTR Exporting, Tuesday, February 22, 2000

The steel gates made by Stackwell Forge for a large estate in America

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