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Craftsman forges a great reputation

Paul Bodger, boss of Stackwell Forge at Murrow, is feeling very pleased with himself - and so he should.

Using the Adapt programme to enhance his IT skills, Paul is pleased that finally he will be able to type letters, use e-mail, use the Internet, prepare invoices and start to prepare customer records and files.

"After purchasing my computer six months ago, I can now finally use it," he said.

In addition to Adapt, Paul made use of the Chamber's subsidised Internet programme "Internet pages".  With this in place Paul feels he is able to present a very professional and international face to clients.

Having just manufactured a pair of stately homes gates (in the French style weighing two tonnes and standing 22ft high by 17ft wide) for an American client, Paul does not need any more convincing about further improving his IT skills and promoting his business worldwide.

To add icing to his cake, Paul has been approached by BBC Look East to show the high art of forge work is alive and well in Murrow, and that Stackwell is fast going international.


An employee at Stackwell Forge works on the huge set of gates the forge is making for an American client.


Article from : Commerce Today

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