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"2002" to "Victorian"

Our previous projects :

2002 : Railings, Westminster, London
Staircase Andover, Uk
Victorian Gates Suffolk, UK
2001 : Rectory Gates, Lincolnshire
Staircase, Manchester
2000 : 17ft wide and nearly 20ft high huge set of early French period design entrance
gates at Connecticut, USA
1997 : Victorian cast-iron railings at Sutherland Square, London.
1996 :
1993 : Late Victorian estate gates at Henley on Thames.


Sutherland Square, London

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Victorian Cast-Iron Railings

A magnificent early Victorian house development in a London square.  You could almost expect a horse and carriage to come out of the mews at any moment!

Our two clients wished to have an original design of early Victorian cast-iron railings in front of their properties to match all the others in the Square.

Theirs had long since disappeared. We removed a section donated by a sympathetic property owner, (which we later reinstated), and used this as a pattern for sand castings. 

The result was that we were able to make an exact reproduction of the cast-iron railings and returned our client's frontage to its former glory. Completed 1997.

A magnificent early Victorian house development in a London square. 

The frontage of each property, throughout the square was originally enhanced architecturally by heavily detailed cast-iron railings. 

Unfortunately, our two clients' frontage was damaged and removed because of a vehicle accident some years prior to the purchase of their property.


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