A brief overview of past projects


"2002" to "Victorian"

Our previous projects :

2002 : Railings, Westminster, London
Staircase Andover, Uk
Victorian Gates Suffolk, UK
2001 : Rectory Gates, Lincolnshire
Staircase, Manchester
2000 : 17ft wide and nearly 20ft high huge set of early French period design entrance
gates at Connecticut, USA
1997 : Victorian cast-iron railings at Sutherland Square, London.
1996 :
1993 : Late Victorian estate gates at Henley on Thames.


Estate : Connecticut, USA

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Huge Entrance Gates

17ft wide and nearly 20ft high to top of overthrow made in an early French period design. 

Gate decoration with an organic theme including very large flowing leaves, berries and rosettes.These gates were exported in the early months of year 2000.
An American firm of architects approached us, confident that we could forge and manufacture this very demanding entrance gate and overthrow.

Because of their large size, 17ft wide and nearly 20ft high to top of overthrow, our first concern was how to crate the gates in a standard shipping container - the solution, use a custom made container.

Apart from the two inch square solid iron gate frame, every detail was meticulously hand-forged. 

All the leaves, berries and rosettes are three dimensional and are represented realistically. The largest of the leaves started as a 4ft square half inch thick flat plate of steel!

Over 2 tonnes of iron was used to fabricate the commission.


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