Georgian Estate Gates - Amersham

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Victorain Gates

Georgian Gates / Automated Estate Entrance Gates.

Modern day fabrications of reproduction hand-forged 17th century Georgian estate gates, Stackwell Forge has the diversity and expertise to meet most requirements.

We were approached by our Austrian client's architect during the early stages of restoration of this magnificent Georgian estate, house and grounds.

It was a pleasure to submit drawings of all requested ironwork features to complement the existing architecture. These were accepted not only by our client but also by the local authority for building conservation.

The architect stated that only genuine paddled wrought-iron, (rather than mild steel) was to be used for all forge work. This initially presented us with the problem of sourcing such a vast amount of raw material that has not been commercially produced for some fifty years!

We worked on this project for 18 months, manufacturing railings, balustrades and the automated drive way and pedestrian entrance gates, until its completion in 1996.

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