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Reproduction Victorian Estate Gates

Very Large Estate Gates: Connecticut, USA

Gate decoration with an organic theme including very large flowing leaves, berries and rosettes.These gates were exported in the early months of year 2000. An American firm of architects approached us, confident that we could forge and manufacture this very demanding entrance gate and overthrow.

Because of their large size, 17ft wide and nearly 20ft high to top of overthrow, our first concern was how to crate the gates in a standard shipping container - the solution, use a custom made container.

Apart from the two inch square solid iron gate frame, every detail was meticulously hand-forged. 

All the leaves, berries and rosettes are three dimensional and are represented realistically. The largest of the leaves started as a 4ft square half inch thick flat plate of steel!

Over 2 tonnes of iron was used to fabricate the commission.

Westminster Ralings

Railing: Westminster, London, UK

Here we were asked to manufacture a very exacting reproduction - for obvious reasons.

A mixture of cast iron and iron to match the existing ironwork.

Staircase - Andover

Staircase: Andover, UK

Grape and Vine hand forge decoration incorporated into a staircase for a prestigous office in Andover. The staircase is shown newly installed with a real copper finish which will oxidise to a green colour verdigris.


Reproduction Victorian Estate Gates

Reproduction Victorian Estate Entrance Gates:
Suffolk, UK

Over 6,000 individualy hand forged pieces went into these entrance gates and piers.

Well over 4,000 man hours later we are humbly proud of our work.

Rectory Gates Lincolnshire

Rectory Gates: Lincolnshire, UK

Traditional Victorian entrance gates derived from an original design for a very splendid Rectory residence.

All movement has been hand forged. Please note 'Open Boxed' Pillasters from which the gates are hinged from and the sweeping radius railings.

Staircase with  Mahogany handrail - Manchester

Staircase: Manchester, UK

A unique feature within a newly built home. Balustrading and gallery railings. Mahogany handrail.

Victorian cast iron railings

Victorian Cast-Iron Railings: Sutherland Square, London

A magnificent early Victorian house development in a London square.  You could almost expect a horse and carriage to come out of the mews at any moment!

Our two clients wished to have an original design of early Victorian cast-iron railings in front of their properties to match all the others in the Square.

Theirs had long since disappeared. We removed a section donated by a sympathetic property owner, (which we later reinstated), and used this as a pattern for sand castings. 

The result was that we were able to make an exact reproduction of the cast-iron railings and returned our client's frontage to its former glory. 

Georgian Railings

Georgian Estate Gates and Railings

Georgian Estate Railings

Georgian Estate Gates & Garden Railings: Amersham

Large automated estate entrance gates, rooftop garden railings and rare spirex balustrading.

Walled railings, all work forged in traditional manner to match architecture of this stunning period property and estate.

Modern day fabrications of reproduction hand-forged 17th century Georgian estate gates, Stackwell Forge has the diversity and expertise to meet most requirements.

We were approached by our Austrian client's architect during the early stages of restoration of this magnificent Georgian estate, house and grounds.

It was a pleasure to submit drawings of all requested ironwork features to complement the existing architecture. These were accepted not only by our client but also by the local authority for building conservation.

The architect stated that only genuine paddled wrought-iron, (rather than mild steel) was to be used for all forge work.

This initially presented us with the problem of sourcing such a vast amount of raw material that has not been commercially produced for some fifty years!

We worked on this project for 18 months, manufacturing railings, balustrades and the automated drive way and pedestrian entrance gates.

Victorian cast-iron Gates

Reproduction Victorian Estate Entrance Gates

Reproduction Victorian Estate Entrance Gates:
Henley on Thames

Our clients required entrance gates and railings leading from a new highway opening into their estate.

Sympathetic detail was an important factor in matching the original 19th century architecture of the estate.

A design was selected from an original trade catalogue of the same period. This catalogue is more than 100 years old.

We re-scaled the original drawing so that the new dimensions would allow for a larger opening.

The design was copied and forged to the nearest detail. All decorative detail within the gate frames were individually hand-forged. Each finial for the matching railings was individually hand-forged from a one inch square bar.

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