Stackwell Forge Services

Commerical Architectual Metalwork

  • Metal / Iron / Castiron / Non-Ferrous Fabrications
  • Gates, Railings, Balustrades, Balconies and much more!
  • Foundry and Forge Work
  • Reproduction and restoration of historic metalwork

We have many varied clients including National and Local Authorities. Renowned historic Universities and College's, United Nations, Architects and Interior Designers.

We welcome all new enquires from large organisations and individuals.

Forgework and BlacksmithingReproduction/Restoration

When authentic reproduction and restoration is a major factor of our client's requirements, we are here to help.

We will, if requested, use the same methods of manufacturing which will enable us to match the period required exactly. 

To achieve this (instead of welding) we physically join iron by:

  • Fire welding ( using hammer and anvil)
  • Using rivets
  • "Jumping up" (reflecting a mortar and tenon joint)
  • Using iron collars

Mild Steel - Wrought Iron FabricationsMild steel and genuine wrought-iron fabrications

Having become such a rare source of almost pure iron it has also become expensive and difficult to find.

However, we are in a position to offer fabrications made from puddled wrought-iron via reclamations and a specialist foundry that still provides for a limited market need. 

Some Terminology:

Mild steel has become the basic raw material that blacksmiths work with, partly because it's more readily available and partly because it is much cheaper than genuine wrought-iron.

Genuine puddled wrought-iron is now a rare raw material since its commercial production has almost ceased globally since the 1950's.

Automated gates domestic or commercialAutomation for domestic and commercial gates

We can supply and install completely automated entrance systems for driveways and pedestrian entrances.

The benefits are added security and ease of operation.

Intercom, CTV surveillance code locks etc. are available upon request. 

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